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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Helping Hand: Dengkil AP Project

Haji Anwar emailed me to help him to design and construct an AP system at his house in Jenderam Hilir, Dengkil. He has a 900 gallon fish pond at his porch which he thinks could use some benefits of cycling the water to an AP system. At the moment he has red tilapias and kois in the pond in which the tilapias are breeding as I saw some of their fry. His tilapias has grown to about 2-3 kg size!

Upon our first meet, I saw that the pond water was murky and also has yellow tint. While I'm not an aquaculture guy, I suspect that his gravity filter attached to the pond is not doing its job removing the sediments. The filter however is doing fine, bio-filtration wise as the fishes appear healthy.

Haji Anwar wants to plant leafy greens so I pointed that we can attached gutter rows and supply them with a bypass from his 600W pond pump which runs 24/7. With a pump running constantly, I figure that I will need to utilize a siphon to avoid root rotting problem. My backup plan is to reduce the water level so that the roots has some air to breath. All these can be done with the versatile swiveling loop siphon which I've some experience on.

So after tinkering on the design, I proposed a 3-module plan. Each module has 4 rows of 7ft gutters and I want to plumb the system all together at the same level. Inlet at one end, common manifold and loop siphon for the outlet at the other end. Leveling all the modules and gutter rows might be tricky but we'll try to get it done. Once completed, the system will have a capacity to grow 108 plants.

At the moment, the support structures has been completed. Haji Anwar and his son is busy poking holes in the pots, cutting the polystyrene pot suspenders, and bending the steel tapes to suspend the polystyrene.

Once the work is done, the only thing left to do is hook up the plumbing and test it.

We'll also do some reworking on the pond's existing filter to add leca balls as the first stage filter to improve the filter's mechanical filtering efficiency.

Shown here are the support structures that has been completed

Syamil, Haji Anwar's son helping out

Current location

Myself and Haji Anwar with a completed support structure

More updates on the progress soon!

Thanks for reading

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